It's Not the End, It's A New Beginning

Well, here I am announcing, as my story continues, that I am closing my Perth gallery. It is bittersweet, as I went in today to dismantle my Christmas decor, shedding a tear. I filled up my van with items not to be brought out again and looked around, feeling proud of where I was and what I have accomplished.

The drive is too much and too far, and I have lost much time doing what I love most, which is to PAINT! I will miss Perth, the quaint little heritage town with all it has to offer, the people, and most of all, my visitors, the art lovers, the collectors over the years who have taken a piece of me into their homes. It has been a great venture and success, and I thank you all.

I will continue to paint and have a strong online presence with my Shopify store for now, and of course, will keep you all updated on my future endeavors for 2024!