Katherine Muir Miller

913 'Adventure Within' Nairn Falls on Green River Between Whister/Pemberton BC

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Oil on canvas 40h 30w
Framed 44h 34w

In 2022, Katherine’s son Tim drove from Ontario to Western Canada and back with his dog, Samwise. Whilst on his adventure, he stumbled upon these beautiful Nairn Falls on Green River between Whistler and Pemberton, BC. When Katherine was looking at the trip photos, this one stood out the most. During painting this piece, she added her consistent purples—this time on the rocks so they’d stand out. Katherine went outside of her comfort zone when painting this piece. Typically, she starts with the strongest subject matter (like trees or rocks) that eventually dictate the colour of the water. In this case, she chose subtle greens and began with the water first and it just came together! Paintings of Katherine’s that turn out the strongest are ones where she’s connected with people in her life. She calls this painting ‘Adventure Within’ thinking of Tim the entire time she painted.

Framed in 'Michelangelo' espresso-coloured 2" wood frame. 
Painting #913

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